Multi-standard Decentralized Exchange

By implementing the new EthItem protocol, Materia can reduce some of the problems that plague DEXs by breaking into the world of gamification and NFT exchange.

Materia’s token GIL is the backbone of the entire initiative. Token holders have full ownership of the project and its future, without any external control.

Through GIL, the entire community can actively participate in its evolution, propose new features and vote for their implementation.


The Materia protocol

Materia is a DEX based on a multi protocol called ETHItem. Its most important feature is the tokens "harmonizing" with ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 standards enabling their total interoperability.
Each unique NFT ID can now become a source of an ERC20. Check out the documentation.

US Dollar based DEX

Materia uses WUSD as collateral. By decentralizing the distribution of its collateral and being able to balance its stability, WUSD will not suffer any single point of failure; it will only fail if the entire stablecoin industry collapses.

Growing community

Materia itself sets ambitious challenges to make user needs at the center of the R&D process, simplify their experience, and make them the protagonist of governance.