Multi-standard Decentralized Exchange

Power up Defi possibilities with batch swap technology!

Materia’s token GIL is the backbone of the initiative. Token holders have full access to batchswapping as well as control over governance.

Through GIL, the entire community can actively participate in its evolution, propose new features, and vote for their implementation.

The Materia protocol

Batchswapping allows users to swap multiple tokens in one single transaction saving the user gas and time. It also allows seemless compatability with ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 standards enabling their total interoperability.
Swap between ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 quickly and efficiently within the Materia Dex
Check out the documentation.

Materia will soon implement the first decentralized service based on batch swap. Stay tuned for the "Package Deal" release...

What Is a Package Deal?

A package deal is an order or transaction that contains a number of smaller exchange or transaction items that must be completed simultaneously, or not at all. Package deals allow traders to ensure specific prices or times to maturity for multiple assets.

Growing community

Community is at the center of Materia. We base our R&D initiatives around simplifying their experience. The community will be in full control of the project via governance. The team is always available on Discord and Telegram. We encourage you to join and meet the community.