Materia Documentation

Materia is the World first, User-Centric DEX governed by On-Chain, Enterprise-Free Organization (DFO). In the following pages is contained the full documentation of the Materia protocol. If you are new to Materia, you might want to check out our social or get started with the Protocol Overview.

Key feature

Taking advantage of a microservices architecture Materia aims to scale over time in order to implement new features and granting security by design in an environment where immutability reigns supreme. We base our protocol on the following pillars:

  • WUSD: a Stablecoin based on Liquidity Pools
  • EthItem: a synthesis of the ERC1155 & ERC20 standards, enabling their total interoperability.
  • Microservices: real decentralized possibility of upgrading over time
  • DFOs Governance: On-Chain companies with proprietary assets and voting tokens as programmable equities.

Getting Started

The Materia codebase is embody an ecosystem of open source components.